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The Abundance Manifestation Candle calls to you so that you can create the reality you want to live in. Whether you're an artist, crafter, or entrepreneur you're being called to invite creative freedom in so that you may create value for yourself. 


Access the wealth within with power of Citrine & Green Aventurine scented with Hemp, Vetiver, & Ylang


Abundance Manifestation Candles are  handcrafted in a coconut shell, made from coconut apricot wax, natural herbs, & essential oils.


Candles come with detailed instructions on how to use your spell candle to the best of its ability. Though this candle smells wonderful because of the herbs and oils used, its true purpose is to be used for manifestation.


As with any spell, the outcome depends on the energy and intention you put behind it. The power lies in YOU, always has always will. For best results follow the included instruction sheet and focus on harnessing your own power and intention .


Abundance Manifestation Candle

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