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How to Maintain Long Lasting Change through Pattern Awareness

We, like Mother Gaia, are cyclical beings.

We behave in patterns & follow cycles according to the timing of the world & our own personal clock.

Spring, a period of growth, comes after Winter, a time of reflection & self preservation. If we are aware of the Earth’s electromagnetic influence over us, we can use her cycles as guides for our lives, so we are living in harmony rather than discord.

What is a pattern?

Pattern = actions, events, situations, & circumstances reoccurring in the same or similar way it happened the first time

The foundation of our character is built upon behaviorial patterns and patterns of thought that work together to establish our habits. Our habits determine our motivations; they are the reason we are moved to take action.

Patterns have no inherent morality, and are either the key to success or the crutch preventing it.

The hypothalamus, the part of your brain that maintains homeostasis, is continuously monitoring physiological patterns of functioning within the body, stimulating or inhibiting different systems to maintain equilibrium.

We can engage in a similar process and apply feedback & evaluation to our thoughts & behavior.

Awareness of different patterns and how they detract from or benefit our lives is integral to maintaining a healthy state of being.

By observing a pattern & acknowledging its existence, we give ourselves the space to question its role in our lives and an opportunity to change.

Any and everything that does not occur naturally in nature exists because of human drive & creativity. Thought creates reality, and negative thought patterns are particularly damaging, disrupting our present state and future being.

Release what no longer serves you and continue that which flows light throughout your entire being.

Nourish yourself with knowledge and let go of negative patterns to remove tension & create space within.

To gain insight into your habits & values and align with your highest self, Focus your awareness on your truth and give your thoughts & behaviors your full attention.

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