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Full Moon in Scorpio • Lunar Eclipse • Blood Moon

As the Sun illuminates the Moon we’re given the opportunity to release all thoughts, beliefs, emotions, expectations, & limitations within our subconsious holding us back from actualizing our greatest potential.

Become aware of your attachments, how they serve you and when they drain you.

Be comfortable being uncomfortable and follow your feelings to a new state of being.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

• What is my greatest fear?

• How does this fear manifest in

my everyday life?

• What are my goals and dreams?

• How will my community serve me?

• How will my friendships nourish me?

Give thanks to yourself for how far you’ve come but be prepared to tear down an internal structure that is no longer serving you.

We are letting go to make space for something greater. Use your connections to those around you as catalysts to your growth & expansion.

Trust your gut as it leads you to your tribe.

We are stronger together.

If you’re called to use crystal healing in your practice meditate/carry with you Citrine, Shungite, & Smokey Quartz.

For herbal healing, Grind up Basil, Rosemary, Sage, & Cumin in a clockwise motion for Peace, Emotional Strength, Purification, & Spiritual Health.

Carry with you or burn as incense.

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