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Affirmations for Self Empowerment | Libra Full Moon

We are the true creators of our reality.

For far too long we have allowed the balance of power to remain in our hands.

This week the Full Moon is shining a light on our insecurities and self doubts, so we can release everything holding us back from our true power.

Reciting affirmations, out loud and in our heads, reprograms our subconscious to believe whatever we say. The following affirmations will guide your soul back to its highest truth, so you can start living the life of your dreams.

  • I will set boundaries and express my needs.

  • I heal myself and others by speaking my truth.

  • My energy is my responsibility

  • My presence is my power

  • I am the composer of my inner harmony.

  • I communicate clearly and consciously from my deepest truth.

  • I tell my story with confidence.

Recite these affirmations daily to go from disempowered to self empowered 💫 Screenshot the pictures below and use them as phone background to hold yourself accountable!

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